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We all need stuff

I've been learning through trial and error for about 100 of my 64 years. I've wasted more money on crap that didn't perform to my standards than I should admit, but I've also found products that work great. I'm sharing some here because I think good stuff should be shared.

How this works...
I don't accept gifts or special promotions unless they are offered to the public. I order, wait, use and review. If I get bad treatment or a bad product, I'll let you know about it, but when I get the GOODS, that's when I'm happiest to share.

The following are affiliate links, so if you buy through them, I am supposed to get a fraction of it. This doesn't affect your purchase price. But even if you don't buy here, check out my reviews and save yourself 100 years.




So full disclosure, these guys don't have an affiliate program. There's not a dime in this for me, but I've been a customer for 20 years, ever since meeting the owner at a farmer's market in Salem, Oregon. The soaps are excellent. From the gentle coconut, avocado and oatmeal, to the healing activated charcoal and tea tree, to the super cleaning pine tar, Douglas Fir and Oregon Grit. Ingredients are ethically sourced and smell SO GOOD! So many choices! I haven't tried the bath bombs or essential oils yet, but I have washed horses with the bar soap. Silky soft coats and no residue. Check them out and maybe tell them I say hi. 

slab soap.jpg

Please check back, this is a (new) work in progress.

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