It's a wrap guys... and you made it happen.

Thank you so much for your support!

The Chic-a-palooza! drawing was an amazing success!

Sixty-eight people claimed 130 spots for a chance to win one of four Leitachic foals, a breeding to Leitachic and ten heart-shaped key chains. And each entry is entitled to a $100 discount on a breeding to Leitachic! 

The winner of the foal was #112. Congrats to Brent B! Brent has decided to pick out his choice of foal in person, so we'll get you the foal story (haha) after he has done that. The other three will be offered for sale after he has made his choice, and contest entries get first dibs! You can use your $100 Leitachic discount on a foal. Have two tickets? You have a $200 discount! 

The winner of the breeding was #41. Congrats to Stacy L! 

Winners of keychains are 54, 11, 99, 123, 25, 67, 13, 53, 124 & 129.

These attractive heart-shaped key chains are actually mini-frames that can also be worn as a charm or pendant. So pop in your favorite photo and enjoy. I'll be getting in touch with everyone shortly for mailing addresses. 


Here's how it works...

Pick a numbered spot between 1 and 130

Each spot is $50. Buy as many as you want!

Text, Email, or Facebook message us your choice of number(s) and how you'd like your name to appear on the number sheet.

Text 509-939-0051


Facebook message

EXAMPLE: Number 8 and 122 Andrea F.

Pay for your choice via paypal, cash or check.*

* Number spots not paid within 48 hours cannot be guaranteed.

Note: Paypal address is 

Drawing will be held when all slots are filled.

Winning numbers will be picked by a random picker app.

Canadian entries welcome, but winner may have to wait for the border to open before shipment. We are happy to make accommodations. Unfortunately, we cannot ship semen to Canada at this point.

If for any reason a horse in this drawing is withdrawn, another option of equal or greater value may be substituted.

Contest is not gambling as every entrant receives consideration of greater value than the cost of a number slot, ie. breeding discount. Discount applies at booking as part of the standard, non-refundable booking fee. Drawing is for entertainment purposes only.

Winner gets your choice of...


This Chic Ain't Wimpy2020 filly out of Wiggys Little Step (by Wimpys Little Step)


This Chics Trouble, 2020 filly out of Trouble Lena Whiz (by Topsail Whiz) Producer of offspring earning $50K


Continental Chic, 2019 buckskin gelding out of Mighty High Pistol (by High N Command, by Continental Cad).

Leitachics Raider, 2019 sorrel gelding with roaning out of Sun N Rain (by High N Command, by Continental Cad.)

Second Chance Drawing Wins a Breeding to Leitachic!

All Paid Entries eligible for $100 discount on regular breeding fee to Leitachic

10 Winners will receive a heart frame keychain


Immediate family or employees of Rhonda Hart Quarter Horses not eligible to enter.

Winner of a horse is responsible for all costs associated with transfer of ownership and delivery - including Health Inspection and Coggins where required, and AQHA Transfer.

Winner will claim horse within 10 days of notification of winning. If horse is not claimed within 10 days, winner may be subject to boarding fee of $100 per week.

If winner opts not to claim horse, or if fails to do so within 30 days, another drawing will be held from the remaining numbers to determine a new winner and original winner's claim will be voided.

Breeding discounts received through reservation of numbered spots may be used during the 2021 or 2022 breeding season - March 1 - July 1. Breeding discounts are non-transferrable. Discount will apply at booking as part of the standard, non-refundable booking fee.

Keychains come without photo, but a photo can be added upon request.

Pick Your Numbers!

1 _____Pam S. K. _____

2 _____Pam. S. K. ____

3 ___Chelsea Ready___

4 ____Christy C. ______

5 ____Brandon T._____

6 ____Barbara Ch.____

7 _____Mark M._______

8 ____Sami R._________

9 ____Katie Mc. _______

10_____Elizabeth D. _____

11___Chelsea Ready___


13____Brandon T._____

14____Whitney Loe___

15____Gena N.________

16_____Michele W.____

17___Yvette Hester____

18______Kiki A._______

19____Summer J._____

20___Laura M. J.______

21____Mark M._______

22____Gena N._______

23____Amber Van.____

24____Bailey Bur._____

25____Dallas T. _____

26____Brandon T.____

27___Kathleen A._____

28___Ginger R._______

29___Steve Berch______

30___Jamie L._________

31___Rebecca N. _____

32___Suzanne S. B. ___

33____Michele W_____

34_____Jenna M. _____

35____Sarah B. _______

36____Samantha L.____

37____Terri C._________

38____Laura M. J. _____

39_ Diamond J Livestock

40_______Kris H_______

41____Stacie L.________

42___Jenni G. V. ______

43____Whitney Loe____

44___Gisela F. ________

45____Mikayla T. ______

46___Danny M.________

47___Stephanie McN.__

48___John H.__________

49____Diana B.________

50_____LaDonna P.____

51____Vonnie Peters___

52____Terri C. ________

53____Kiki A._________

54__Steve Berch______

55____Janet W. ______

56____Karen Cl.______


58____Danny M. ______


60_____Dallas T. ______

61____Pam S. K. ______

62____Pam S. K. ______

63_Diamond J Livestock

64___Steve Berch_____

65____Barbara Ch.____

66 ___Gena N._________

67 ___Katie Mc. ______

68 ___Katlyn J.________

69 _____Brent B.______

70____Christy C.______

71___Michele W. ______

72____Katrina D.______

73 ____Mikayla T.______

74 ____Steve Berch____

75__Terri Valentine D.__

76___Katrina D. ______

77_Diamond J Livestock

78____Jane Reilly_____

79___ Diana Gr._______

80____Dr. John H.____

81___Dawn B. ________

82___Christy C._______

83___D. Lynn Sch._____

84___Javier S._________

85___Dr. John H._____

86___Brandon T._______

87_____Kiki A.________

88___Sami R. _________

89___Natalie E. _______

90___Danny M. _______

91___Lynette Y.________

92___Havilah St.______

93___Deb. S. E._______

94___Brandon T. ______

95__Larry & Margo V.__

96_____Gena N. ______

97__Rebecca N. ______

98____John H.________

99____Ashlee F._______

100____Sami R. _______


102___Natalie E.______

103___Gisela F. ______

104_Chelsea Ready____

105_____Sarah B._____

106____Mikayla T._____

107___Floyd's mom____

108___ Wade R. _______

109____Terri C.________

110___Danny M. ______

111__Stephanie McN._

112___Brent B.________

113__Karen Cl.________

114___Steve Berch____

115___Andrew A.______

116__Lynette Y.________


118___Mikayla T._____

119__Stephanie C. G.__

120___Bailey Bur._____

121___Tara R._________

122___Andrew A.______

123___Katlyn J._______

124__Steve Berch_____

125__Chelsea Ready___

126___Deb S. E. ______

127___Sammy O.______

128___Terri C._________

129___Dr. John H._____

130___ Sami R. ________

Rhonda Hart Quarter Horses.

All rights reserved.