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Rhonda Hart Quarter Horses

Passion for horses must be part of our DNA - either you have it, or you don't.


I grew up with a horse trader dad - I loved working with horses, but something troubled me. So many horses were stuck with people-caused problems. I couldn't stop thinking that if they had had a better start in life, they could have had better lives. Raising horses became my dream.


So here I am, living the dream!


We raise our babies on rough, hilly pasture in mixed groups. They learn from the start to negotiate terrain and get along with other horses. They also get a lot of early handling, to instill confidence and manners - and what we call the Trust/Respect Ratio. That early training paid off during wildfires in 2016 when 17 horses, including mares with foals, yearlings, and others, had to be evacuated into strange trailers by people they didn't know. Went off without a hitch.

Before they are weaned, our babies are halter broke, load easily into a trailer, stand quietly for hoof care, accept medication, and move away from pressure.  

A good horse ruins you for life.

We choose reining and reined cow horse lines for their athleticism and trainability. One can’t do much without the other. We require good feet and bone and correct/balanced  conformation, and always look for that undefinable quality of “look at me!” We weed out any that are not good minded or are rough-gaited. The best are smooth as glass, and we are fortunate to have found sires and dams that pass that along. Bottom line: We work to raise good horses, that serve their people well, and therefore lead good lives. 


Raising horses our way is a labor of love (emphasis on LABOR!) It is a sincere effort to contribute the kind of good horses we are excited about. Once you ride a truly good horse, you'll be spoiled for anything less. A good horse ruins you for life. 


We focus on reining and ranch riding prospects. They are trail ridden as part of their basic training and taught the fundamentals of dressage before reining maneuvers. They don't always make reiners, but given a good foundation, they will show us what they're good at. After all, it's in their DNA.

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